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Overview - Spinal Stenosis

In order to understand what is spinal stenosis, we have to break the word into spinal stenosis. the word spinal refers to anything relating to the spine & and the word stenosis refers to narrowing of the spaces.So as to meaning is very much evident, the word spinal stenosis refers to decrease in the space inside the spine.The spinal spaces are paths of nerves travelling from the brain down to the different body parts.Spinal stenosis can lead to a host of different symptoms depending upon the exact site of spinal stenosis in the spine and also so the degree of spinal stenosis. This article will deal with different aspects of spinal stenosis.

Why needs of Spinal Stenosis Treatment ?

Spinal stenosis can be said as a result of multiple factors or processes happening inside the spine. Spinal stenosis generally happens in middle-aged or elderly people however some of the adults may present with the disease occasionally. Generally it is the end result of the gradual degenerating processes which happen inside the human body leading to the compression of the nerves inside the spine.

  1. Osteoarthritis of spine
  2. Gradual dehydration of discs
  3. Wear and tear or ageing of spine
  4. Overgrowth of of various ligament especially ligamentum flavum and posterior longitudinal ligament
  5. Overgrowth of bones leading to decrease in the the exit hole of nerves (Foraminal stenosis)
  6. Spinal trauma may also lead to spinal stenosis at a later date.
  7. Congenital problems in the spine also predispose spinal stenosis.

Types of Spinal Stenosis and their Symptoms

Spinal stenosis can be divided into two three broad categories. These division are based on the different areas of the spine which are namely cervical spine, the thoracic Spine and the lumbar spine. The three different types of spinal stenosis are cervical spinal stenosis also called as the cervical Canal stenosis, the thoracic Canal stenosis and lumbar Canal stenosis. Out of all three lumbar Canal stenosis is most common followed by the cervical Canal stenosis. owing to the stability given to it by the attachment of ribs The thoracic Canal stenosis is a rare occurrence.

Below we will briefly discuss the spinal stenosis symptoms of lumbar Canal stenosis as well as cervical Canal stenosis 

There can be various types of classification like spinal stenosis icd 10 & lumbar spinal stenosis icd 10 which can be very confusing for the general public. Hence here we are avoiding all that complex terminology so as to make things easily understandable to all. 

Cervical Canal Stenosis :

The cervical Canal stenosis is a disease of the neck of the cervical spine in which there is compression of the  spinal cord which is a continuation of the brain in the neck. the symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis may occur in varying proportions which are discussed as under 

  1. Radiating pain in one or both of the upper Limbs. This radiation is aggravated by doing some work. In advanced cases the hands may become weak to the point that the patient is not able to eat food oneself and needs support for someone to put  food in the mouth.
  2.  weakness of upper Limbs especially hands and things may start falling from the hands.
  3. Tingling numbness for weakness of the whole body. In advanced cases patients may not be able to walk and will present on a wheelchair.
  4.  There can be a loss of balance while walking and a tendency to fall.
  5.  Advanced cases may report complete paralysis and/or Bladder bowel weakness.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis :

When the Compression of the spinal nerves  occurs in the lower back area or the lumbar area it is called lumbar Canal stenosis. This kind of stenosis is a very common kind of stenosis and patient generally present with very classical symptoms Which are described as follows :

  1. Pain in Buttocks, back of the thigh, calf area & foot.
  2. Typically a patient has symptoms when he stands up for a few minutes or starts to walk  for a few minutes or a few metres.
  3. These symptoms are generally relieved by rest.
  4.  Patients may complain of tingling numbness pin pricking sensation in both the legs or one leg.
  5. In advanced cases patients may also have complaints  of weakness in the legs or loss of bladder or bowel control.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment Options

Conservative Treatment Options :

All the patients of spinal Canal stenosis who require clinical attention  are to conservative therapy. Many of the patients in early Canal stenosis respond very well to conservative management.  and these treatment protocols can be these treatment protocols can be summarised as below

  1.  Pharmacotherapy :  pharmacotherapy refers to you using different anti-inflammatory medications. Some of the time painKillers are also used. These medications reduce the inflammation around the spine and in turn reduces the swelling of the tissues leading to indirect space creation and significant relief and symptoms especially in mild and moderate cases of  spinal Canal stenosis. 
  2. Lifestyle changes : these include active Lifestyle good food habits and  regular exercises.
  3.  Avoid Smoking.
  4.  Physiotherapy : a physical therapist can help you to go over acute symptoms of cervical and lumbar Canal stenosis by giving you various different movement options and exercises which relieve the symptoms. 
  5. spinal injections : Spinal injections are generally given by spinal surgeons and sometimes by pain therapists. These injections reduce the amount of inflammation in the spine and ensure the direct  delivery of the drug inside the spine.Generally speaking spinal injections are relatively safe and give faster relief than oral medications. 

Operative Options :

The first line of treatment for any kind of spinal Canal stenosis is always conservative management strategies which includes anything and everything but surgery. However if  these measures fail and the patient is severely symptomatic despite trying multiple options of conservative therapy for at least for 6 to 8 weeks, then  then the patient is advised to undergo a spinal stenosis surgery to alleviate the symptoms and to stop the worsening of neurology.

  1. ENDOSCOPY : Nowadays with the advent of Technology spinal endoscopy has become common & many of the spinal surgeons are trained to perform the procedure. Spinal endoscopy is a very safe and a minimally invasive procedure which involves no stitches and the nerve roots can be freed without doing cholesterol damage to muscles nerves and bones. However the number of trained surgeons to perform an endoscopy are less and the equipment availability is also Spa Salon India and that’s why only few surgeons  do endoscopic spine surgery .
  2. Microscopic & Open Surgery : Open spine surgery can also be performed to relieve the  pressure on the nerves.However,  it leads to more blood loss, more postoperative pain and longer Hospital stay when it compares with endoscopic spine surgery.also spinal stenosis surgery recovery time in Endoscopy is much less than in open and microscopic surgery. 

Conclusion of Spinal Stenosis

Do most of the patients of spinal Canal stenosis can be kept comfortable with occasional use of conservative measures as discussed above, sometimes there is a need for endoscopic or open surgical Procedures which allow how the removal of pressure from the nerves and permanent solution to the the problem of  spinal Canal stenosis.spinal stenosis surgery recovery rates are very good in hands of a properly trained surgeon.

About Dr Devashish Sharma

Dr Devashish Sharma is a highly famous practicing endoscopic spine surgeon in Noida, Greater Noida in Agra areas.  he has been corrected to start endoscopy at various centres of repute including Jaypee Hospital Noida,  Bone hospital Agra & Sanjivani Hospital Greater Noida and many others. he is one of the best spine surgeons in Noida areas.

Dr Devashish did his endoscopy training from Germany and Austria. He has also trained himself at different centres of repute including New York presbyterian Hospital USA and Central middlesex Hospital London UK.

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