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Overview - Disc Replacement

Disc replacement is a relatively new procedure and it serves as an alternative to conventional fusion surgeries. Artificial cervical disc replacement surgery has gained momentum in the last few decades. Spinal Fusion is a standard procedure surgery in which two individual bones of the spine (called vertebrae) are joined together by removing the disc material in between them and then placing bone graft and cage in between. This eventually leads to formation of bone between the two spinal bones and makes them fuse together. The result is a fusion mass which makes the both the individual bones to act as one.  disc replacement surgery in india is still in infancy and many surgeons choose to do fusion either.

Who needs Disc Replacement ?

So the question comes: who is a good candidate for artificial disc replacement surgery ? Well the answer is any patient who requires subtotal  removal of the disc material and is a candidate for fusion surgery can undergo a disc replacement. However,  saying this comes with a few caveats. some of the patients cannot undergo this replacement surgery because the spine is inherently unstable and will dedicatedly require fusion surgery only to stabilize it.

Benefits of Disc Replacement over Conventional Surgery

Disc replacement offers multiple benefits when they are compared to to traditional surgeries which include pedicle screw fixation and fusion .There is a short list of benefits :

  1. Preserves the mobility of the spine : Individual Movement in between the two vertebrae when combined together in the whole spine leads to the movement of spine. Fusion between the two  spinal bones leads to loss of small degree of measurement which in turn leads to rigidity of the spine. however if disk replacement is performed the mobility remains same and there is no loss of movement.
  2.  More Natural : This replacement surgery is considered to be more natural as compared to the fusion surgery because the normal dynamic anatomy does not change and the operated disc level also participates in the movement as the other normal levels. 
  3. Relatively simple procedure however requires surgeons to be trained  in the specific technique to perform the disk replacement.

Symptoms of Disc Disease

So this to the symptoms are the primary reason for Disc replacement surgeries and the symptoms can be highlighted as under:

  1.  neck pain with radiation in upper Limbs
  2. low back pain with radiation in lower Limbs
  3. Tingling numbness & pin pricking feeling in upper Limbs and lower Limbs
  4. Weakness of upper Limbs ( things fall off from the hand)
  5. Weakness of lower Limbs (Cannot walk /Stand for long time)
  6. Complaints of inability to pass urine aur clear bowels.

Causes & Risk Factors in Disc Replacement

 The reasons which lead to Degeneration of disc will further Lead to the requirement of spinal fusion surgery or  disc replacement In future are generally Less understood by medical science.However reasons which contribute directly or indirectly to the development & Gradual degeneration of the disc at later date can be grouped under following headings :

  1. Smoking : many studies suggest that smoking is a major cause to decrease the amount of water content from the disc and here by facilitating the degenerative disc disease.
  2. Lack of exercise : lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle
  3. Heavyweight : People who are obese or have high BMI are generally the ones which present with disk related issues as disk is loaded with double the amount of weight which it generally handles in a normal weighted person.

Types of Disc Replacement

Disc replacement is a surgery in which the normal Anatomical disc of the patient in between the two vertebral bodies is taken out. This is  done usually under the operating microscope visualization. After the disc is taken out both the end surfaces of the final bodies are cleaned and a new artificial disc is placed in between them.

Disc replacement can be divided into two different types depending upon the exact location where the replacement is done.

  1. Cervical Disc Replacement : if disc replacement surgery neck (cervical spine disc)  is replaced, then it is called cervical disc replacement surgery. The surgery was done from the front of the neck under the visualization of a microscope.
  2. Lumbar Disc Replacement : Disc replacement surgery lower back can be performed if there is a disease of a lumbar spine it requires this replacement. However spinal disc replacement surgeries are more common in cervical spine then lumbar spine. Replacement surgery for the lumbar spine is done in front of the patient. disc replacement surgery success rate is more in the cervical spine than in the Lumbar Spine.

Conclusion of Disc Replacement

Due to availability of new technology Disc replacement surgery has become fairly common in the last two decades. As the number of expert surgeons who are trained to perform Disc replacement surgery increase, the number of cases which undergo displacement also increase annually. With the advancement of microscope technology and Availability of high quality and durable artificial desk, Disc replacement has become a very safer & more natural alternative to a fusion surgery providing natural like Movement in the spine By preserving the motion segment of the spine.

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